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Article Can I use your web hosting services if I own a Macintosh Computer?
Yes. You can use your favorite Macintosh-compatible Web-authoring tool and use an FTP...
Views: 1000
Article Can you host sites with country code extensions like .uk, .ar,
Yes. We can host any domain name extension from any country. We can register the following...
Views: 1034
Article What kind of operating systems do you use on the servers?
We use Linux based servers running the latest version of Apache Server.
Views: 1005
Article Are backups performed on my website?
We perform a full daily backup of all websites. However, we highly recommend you use the tools...
Views: 1028
Article Are Microsoft frontpage extensions offered?
Yes. Every account has extensions for all versions of Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and up. They can...
Views: 977
Article Are the servers monitered?
Administrators monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Views: 997
Article Can I access my domain with or without the WWW?
Yes, you will be able to access your domain address with or without the "www" in front of the...
Views: 994
Article Can I run my own CGI or PHP scripts?
Yes, you are able to do so.
Views: 982
Article Can I use Java Serplet Pages (JSP) on my site?
Unfortunately, we do not offer JSP. However, we do support JavaScript.
Views: 1096
Article Do I recieve a discount if I pay for a year in advance?
Yes, you get 1 months free for all plans if you pay for a year in advance at signup.
Views: 987
Article Do you put banners or pop-ups on my web pages?
No. We never change or tamper with your website.
Views: 1010
Article How long until my account becomes active?
Accounts are created within 24 hours after we receive the order. We will inform you in an...
Views: 979
Article If I exceed my limits, what happens? What about upgrading at a later time?
If your actual bandwidth or disk usage exceeds your limits you can upgrade to the next plan any...
Views: 1058
Article If I register my domain name somewhere else, what kind of information will I need?
You should tell your registrar what DNS servers to be set for the domain. Our name servers are...
Views: 998
Article Is my access 24 hours a day?
Yes! You have access to your account and all of your accounts fuctions at any time.
Views: 980
Article Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?
No. You can pay monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually. You can also cancel at any time. We...
Views: 1014
Article Setup fee?
We do have setup fees on accounts that are billed monthly.  If you prepay for 1 year or more,...
Views: 1011
Article Upgrade Fee?
No. Upgrades are free as well.
Views: 1014
Article What about uptime guarantee?
Due to our low prices we do not offer uptime guarantees, however we do use high quality...
Views: 1026
Article What are the amount of databases I am limited to use?
You can have as many databases (MySQL and MS SQL as well) as you wish as long as it meets your...
Views: 1003
Article What are your hours and methods of support?
Our technical support can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our...
Views: 1006
Article What happens if I exceed my monthly transfer limit?
If you exceed your monthly transfer limit your account will get suspended. If you don't want...
Views: 1007
Article What kind of control panels are offered?
We offer Cpanel.
Views: 977
Article What kind of languages are currently supported by cpanel?
There are currently 23 languages supported: English Spanish Portuguese French...
Views: 988
Article What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept the following methods of payments: VISA MasterCard American Express
Views: 967
Article What's the diffrence between shared and VPS hosting?
The main differences between shared hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting are: Control -...
Views: 1005
Article Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located in the good Ol' U.S.A! All of our services are performed in the U.S.A by...
Views: 966

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