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Article How to create an email forwarder in cpanel
How do I create an email forwarder? To create an email forwarder please login to your cPanel...
Views: 948
Article Creating an email account in Cpanel.
This tutorial will show you how to configure an account in Outlook Express to check email. You...
Views: 970
Article How to create an "auto responder" in cpanel.
1: Login into cpanel. 2: enter your username and password. 3: Once in...
Views: 878
Article Insert URL's and JPEGS in webmail.
How do I insert URLs and jpegs in webmail? Horde is one of the many email programs offered...
Views: 962
Article Microsoft Outlook: Saving and deleting messages on server and enabling time frame deletion of email.
Also, the option of "remove from server after X amount of days" in Outlook is also...
Views: 973

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