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Article Accessing your website statisitcs via Webalizer.
This tutorial will show you how to access your website statistics via Webalizer in cPanel hosting...
Views: 1056
Article Can I have more than one login for my cPanel?
Unfortunately you are not able to have more than one login for your Cpanel. This is a basic...
Views: 712
Article Changing cPanel password
This tutorial will show you how to change your cPanel password.  For a video tutorial click...
Views: 1135
Article Control Panel Tutorials
Often times the best way to understand is to watch a video or see it written down.  The...
Views: 920
Article How to add custom error pages?
Custom error pages can be created from cPanel > Error pages. Once you create them you should...
Views: 743
Article How to change a cPanel and/or a root password through WHM?
Almost all server and account settings can be modified through cPanel's Web Host Manager - WHM....
Views: 734
Article I am having problems with my cronjob and/or it is not working
In case you have problems with your cron job please follow these steps for troubleshooting:...
Views: 686
Article I have changed my domain and want to forward visitors to the new one
To ensure your new primary domain name is used, you should first park the previous primary one...
Views: 689
Article Is there a shortcut to Cpanel from the customer area?
Yes, you can access cPanel directly from your Client Portal, My Account Section, the "cPanel"...
Views: 724
Article Logging into hosting control panel
This tuitorial will show you how to log into cPanel (Hosting Control Panel). With your web...
Views: 1044
Article What is the max file size I can upload through CPanel's FileManager?
There is no limitation set for the maximum file size which you can upload with cPanel's File...
Views: 1026

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