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Article How to change files and folders permissions with an FTP client?
All popular FTP clients have options for changing the permissions of files and folders. This...
Views: 639
Article How to change the FTP password?
You can change the FTP password for an FTP account from your cPanel > FTP Accounts >...
Views: 634
Article How to check whether FTP port 21 is blocked?
The default TCP port for FTP connection is port 21. Sometimes the local Internet Service Provider...
Views: 647
Article How to connect to FTP with a web browser?
There are a few ways to connect by FTP to a host. The easiest way is using Internet Explorer...
Views: 608
Article How to edit my website?
***** Microsoft Corp. has discontinued the FrontPage development in 2006 and this software is...
Views: 637
Article Is there a free web based FTP program even I can use?
Yes there is!  Point your browser at net2ft to try this easy to use web based application.
Views: 761

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