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Article Should I keep a local copy of my website in case of trouble?
Absolutely! It is very easy to spend all night working hard on upgrading your site only to hit...
Views: 737
Article A brief look into CPanel and its features...
What is cPanel? cPanel is a server side management system the runs the back end of your site....
Views: 757
Article How do I access my control panel?
Point your browser to and enter your username and password...
Views: 730
Article How do I access my webmail (Check emails using a browser)?
Point your browser at and enter your email address and you...
Views: 702
Article How do I access my website traffic statistics?
Login to your control panel and look under Web/FTP Stats and click the AwStats Stats link and you...
Views: 748
Article I am not able to see my website; however my friend says they can see it just fine. Why am I unable to view my site?
Often this is related to an issue with your specific Internet Service Provider (ISP). To find...
Views: 747
Article Index file naming conventions
By default our servers will look for (in order) a file by the name of index.html, index.cgi,...
Views: 694
Article What are my mail settings?
Mail Server: Outgoing (SMTP) Server: Username:...
Views: 707

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