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How to create new accounts on my Dedicated server?

To create a new account on your Dedicated server you will need to login to WHM with root privileges.

Next, select the Create a New Account link from the left menu. On the next page you will have to enter the necessary information for the account.

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Domain - enter the domain name that will be set as primary for the new account;
  • Username - enter the username of the account. Note that it should be 8 characters long;
  • Password - enter the password for the account;
  • Email - enter the administrative e-mail address that will be associated with this account;
  • Choose a Package - select standard from the drop-down menu;
  • cPanel Theme - choose X3 from the drop-down menu to use the latest cPanel theme;
  • Language - the language that will be used for the cPanel interface;

You can leave the other fields/checks to their default values. Finally, click the Create button to complete the creation of the account.

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