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Can I send spam/bulk email that advertises my web site at CMG?

No, If you send spam that advertises services on our servers, our network will be blacklisted, meaning any ISP that subscribes to a spam filter service, will not be able to receive mail from our network.

Sometimes our customers want to advertise their services by sending bulk email. Yes, it can be done, if it is done correctly. When we receive a spam complaints on your domain, it's clear it was not done correctly, and your domain will be terminated from service. Here are some frequent responses (arguments) that we get from our customers, which may be helpful to you.

Q. I’m not doing anything illegal. I even have an “opt out” function, or an “unsubscribe” link in the email.
A. It doesn’t matter. It’s not illegal to run a blacklist site, and it’s not illegal for an ISP to subscribe to their Spam filtering services. We still will be blacklisted.

Q. Why didn’t you tell me this before I signed up?
A. Our terms of service state that we do not allow: "Sending unsolicited bulk and/or commercial messages over the Internet."

Q. This is an outrage, we do not spam! Please call me immediately so we can discuss this.
A. If you are getting spam complaints, you are doing something wrong. There is nothing more we can tell you on the phone. Please read on….

Q. But I have an "opt in" list! I paid big money for this list, and they have guaranteed me that it's all "opt in".
A. Unless someone comes to YOUR site, and says "yes, send me email advertisements", it's spam. Just because sometime, at some site, a user forgets to uncheck that "send me special offers from this site, and our partner sites", doesn't mean they've "Opted in" to your mailing list. There seems to be this magical phrase that spammers use, “OPT IN”. Opt in to what? Ask yourself, “What did this user REALLY “opt in” to?

Q. I'm not sending the emails from CMG servers. I'm paying a third party to do this for me. So, I'm ok, right?
A. Wrong. It doesn't matter who is sending the emails, it all comes back to the network where the services are advertised.

Q. I have a dedicated server with CMG, so I'll handle everything and CMG won't have to worry about me.
A. Sorry, this is not a work around, our entire network can still be blacklisted, not just your dedicated server.

Q. I'll just send the emails once, and then remove anyone who unsubscribes.
A. Sounds like a good idea, but no one will ever unsubscribe, because they are simply verifying their email address if they do. It's spam.

Q. I have no control over what my customer sends. I am totally out of the loop. Stop bugging me!
A. That's fine, however, CMG will only notify the account holder of the complaints, we do not contact your customer.

Q. We do not spam! I run an affiliate program, these affiliates have mini web sites inside of mine, where they earn money based on their sales. They are sending the emails, advertising their URL’s within my site. I am not sending the emails. We terminate any affiliate who spams.
A. This is the fastest way to get blacklisted, and lose your domain with CMG. Most people refer to this type of web site as a pyramid scheme, and don’t take kindly to this kind of spam. The affiliate has nothing to lose, if you suspend his account, he’ll just create another one. Your affiliate will continue to spam, as long as it creates cash. These type of web sites do not work out at CMG, sorry.

Q. I sent out one million emails, if you only received 20 complaints, that’s not bad! So see? It’s not spam!
A. One million? It’s spam to the 1st degree, sorry.

Q. I’ve beaten the system! I’m spamvertising a URL that is NOT on your servers! When the user is directed there, they will click a link, which takes them back to a URL at CMG servers.
A. Good try, but this just shows that you are trying to beat the system, and this fools nobody. They will actually blacklist us quicker this way, because they can see you are trying to hide something.

Q. But spam is the entire basis of our business. If we can’t spam, we can’t make a living, and will have to cancel our account with Cornerstone Media Group.
A. We would hate to see you leave, we value your business, but we can not risk being blacklisted, as then we would lose a lot more than one customer.

Q. We have not sent out spam of any kind. We have been falsely accused. We advertise with this other web site, who puts our link in their newsletters. We cannot control what they do.
A. Having other people spam for you is not a workaround.

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